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We know with the economy being what it is that you will need to scrutinize every dollar spent and ensure maximum return. No one is better suited to help you do this in 2009 than the CompuCom Software Management team. When it comes to purchasing or reevaluating existing software licensing agreement timing is everything. You can save considerable money by signing a new licensing agreement or renegotiating an existing one for the right products at the right time. Our Software Consultants will help you do this.

Once our software consultant has analyzed both your technology deployment roadmap and the manufacturer’s product development schedule we will present you with a purchasing recommendation. We’ve worked on hundreds of volume purchase agreements and can often tell, at a glance, whether yours is structured to get you the maximum benefits, while enjoying the lowest licensing costs.

Finally, once the agreement is inked, CompuCom will help you manage your licenses. By tracking consumption, we can reduce the overhead necessary to calculate true-up payments. Plus, we’ll make sure you’re taking full advantage of any additional benefits you may have received as part of your agreement – this includes onsite support, Microsoft Software Assurance, discounted training and other benefits.

CompuCom Cost Optimization Review (COR) Program

CompuCom has developed a framework of best practices that optimizes an organization’s software procurement and management processes. Our proprietary cost optimization methodology is the foundation for training for our software consultants and provides them with the tools they need to ensure the effective management of clients’ software performance regardless of company size or project scope. Whether your looking for a reliable provisioning source for software purchases or seeking a strategic collaborator to plan and manage your long-term software investments, the strict adherence of our software consultants to the cost optimization methodology will ensure that your requirements are met and goals exceeded.

The COR program ensures you will make efficient, effective use of the software you purchase. It is Modular in design to progress according to your environment and timeline, COR delivers cost optimization across the entire software management lifecycle, allowing you to:

  • maximize you software utilization and manageability
  • develop an effective enterprise-level software licensing strategy
  • design and implement efficient product acquisition processes
  • acquire and provision software in a cost-effective manner

The COR program’s independent modules were developed as a series of best practices executed over a software license’s life cycle. Each COR program step can be completed as a single project or as part of a larger software management services engagement. Your dedicated account management team will work with your staff to prioritize COR program activities that produce the greatest benefits to your company.